Monthly meetings

Psychoemotional development activities in kindergarten

Organization of psychoemotional development activities for pre-school children to the smooth adaptation to the school environment, socialization, recognition, expression, and management of emotions.

"Child and Divorce"

May 2020

Interview at Tv100 with Vivi Anastasiadou

We're all geniuses
I cultivate all the intelligence types


The workshop aims to bring children into contact with all kinds of Intelligence (Language, Logic, Kinesthetics, Naturalistics, Spatial, Music, Interpersonal, Interpersonal, Emotional) through a variety of games and activities as well as to continue this process at home through suggestions of activities that will be offered to parents at the end of each meeting.

"Do we speak the same language with our children?"

December 2018

Speech at Everybody Fitness Center.

"Children's anger and boundaries within the family"

November 2019

Speech at Everybody Fitness Center.

Dealing with student anxiety in adolescence

May 2018

Speech on “Helping adolescents deal with their anxiety” organized by the Parents’ Associations of Oriokastro and Neochorouda Lyceums at the Town Hall “Paul Melas”.

"I manage my anxiety effectively " group

January - June 2018

“I manage my anxiety effectively ” group for teenagers

Managing fears for young and old

October 2017

Speech at the 1st Kidot Festival – Children’s and Adolescent Festival with the clown Timoleon Tiramolas about the fear of children and adults for clowns – and generally all the fears, and how can we overcome them.

Speech on the "Tree of Life"

March -April 2014

March-April 2014: Speeches for the presentation of Vaso Goulielmaki’ book “The Tree of Life”.