Self-help / Self-improvement packages


This new action deals with personal development! It examines how different views, beliefs and goals influence and determine our lives to a great extent!

Specifically, it consists of the following self-help / self-improvement “packages”:

Each self-improvement kit provides in detail, through theory, examples and experiential exercises, everything you need in order to understand and reprogram your beliefs but also to target your development more effectively while creating the best version of yourself in a future full of success and happiness!

In addition, there is a feedback within 2 and 6 months from the day of purchase, which will be examined and answered with personalized comments, advice and directions by the Psychologist – Systemic Psychotherapist Niki Lioti, who has created and curated this action.

To whom it is adressed?

To any adult who wants to “work” on his or her personal development without necessarily visiting a psychologist but at the same time would like to have some basic guidance.


Each self-improvement kit costs 50 € and the purchase receipt is sent electronically.

Bear in mind that