And after the final exams, what?

The exams are over, the grades have been announced, and the grades’ announcement’s last suspense is over. Some students received good news by succeeding to enter the college of their choice, but many are students who either went to a school they would not like or did not pass to any school.

Emotions varied, student, and parent reactions different… It is a result that is not always easily manageable. We all think it’s an examination that determines the future of children… or does it not fix it completely? It all depends on how we view and manage the situation. Some students are excellent in the exam courses, so the desired result came effortlessly, some students are efficient in the classes, but for some reason, they did not perform the critical time of the exams. Some students succeed in different fields different from the classic classes (e.g., they are more artistic “minds”). As Einstein said, “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it’s stupid.”

So letting the result of the final exams determine our value and our abilities would be the least unfair to us. It’s just a way to pursue our goals. Clearly, there are many other paths that everyone will discover individually. It is not a failure; it is just a step in the vast course of life that we will go through, which will teach us valuable lessons.

Many students may choose to take exams for a second time; others may decide to go abroad or attend a private college. Some may consider working, traveling, testing their strengths, and setting a different course than usual.

The choices are many and dependent on different factors (economic, psychological, etc.). However, all paths are useful and lead us on this journey that we will all make in our lives, sooner or later, the journey of self-awareness, which will show us what fills our hearts, what makes us happy. In that research, you can find the meaning, the true meaning of life, which is not taught in any university, which does not guarantee any student that he will become a successful professional and consequently a successful and happy person.