Parenthood: the road to self-awareness

No one’s ready to be a parent. No one knows what “parenthood” means until they are called upon to implement it in practice.

A shocking experience that changes life as they knew it so far for every adult. He is no longer responsible only for himself but is now held entirely accountable for a creature defenseless, whose survival and well-being depend solely on him.

This responsibility concerns not only the part of practical needs but the “creation” of a human with values, with social behavior, with the ability to create harmonious relationships and with many other valuable resources.

Parenthood, then, is the moment when we need to look ourselves in the mirror and decide to consciously make the changes we’ve been putting off for so long: the way we get angry, how much we criticize ourselves and others, the way we communicate, the image we have of ourselves, the people we choose to relate to, the way we apologize, and so on.

Countless changes happen, different for each of us that require time and effort. But the only certain thing is that they are worth it, not only for us, but especially for our children; because our children will not necessarily follow our advice, but will imitate us, our behaviors. They’ll see people trying, learning, and getting better and better by the day. And children, like our mirrors who are, will highlight the various aspects of ourselves.

That’s why parenthood shows us the path to “self-awareness,” this endless, unexplored path for most of us that will give real meaning to our lives. So let us seize the opportunity to learn ourselves better through our children.