In search of the ideal partner…

How are we going to bring the perfect partner into our lives? That is a question that concerns more and more people, especially nowadays. Coming out wounded and betrayed by failed relationships, we close into ourselves and are afraid to open ourselves up again to others, to love. Therefore, insecurity and fear characterize new relationships’ efforts; the fear of rejection, the fear of betrayal, and the fear of abandonment. In the end, these new relationships do not go smoothly, as we would have wanted, and again lead to failures and disappointments.

How to attract the ideal partner is very simple:

First, it is necessary to create a list of all the characteristics, both externally and internally, that a partner must have to be perfect for us. We record them by including as many details as possible as if we were looking at him in front of us. The secret is to keep in mind that these characteristics exist and occur in the present, in fact, and not to think of them as the ideals that one would be unable to fulfill. So a list could be formatted like this:

· He’s loving and very romantic.
· I can trust him for anything that happens to me.
· He thinks about me all day and calls me quite often to ask me how I am.
· He’s helping me with all the housework.
· He’s honest and open to any conversation.
· He’s a brunette with blue eyes.
· He lives near the sea.
· He’s a great dancer.

… and more. Everyone can configure the list as they wished according to their preferences. As long as the phrases are worded positively (we don’t use “no” and “don’t” or negative words) and in the present time, as if it were happening now.

The second step we will take is to envision the relationship we want to have with our partner. We imagine the places we want to go, the activities we want to do together, how we want to spend time with him, using again all the details that are important to us. We also imagine how we treat each other and the intimacy that exists between us. If we want, we can find a photo of a known person (which we may admire and look like our ideal partner) and look at it when we envision this relationship.

For example, I envision a dinner with my partner: I imagine how we go (e.g., by motorbike, I feel the air stirring my hair, while at the same time laughing), the place we want to dine (existent or not), and the atmosphere (romantically with candles and roses or in the countryside for a picnic), the food we eat (all dishes and even their decoration, the order in which we eat them, the dessert, the drink), the way we pay (we have a little fight about who will pay, since last time he treated me and I insist on paying myself) and everything else you can think.

In this step, the important thing is not just to think and envision the possible situations, but above all to feel them with all their intensity, as if they were happening right now. That’s why it’s so important to imagine the perfect relationship up to the last detail.

Remember that the ideal companion will only come if we do not cling to the situation we envision happening because attachment is different from intense desire. It is crucial, in other words, to express our desire or preference, but the result is to leave it in time. Only in this way will we bring into our lives the ideal relationship with the perfect partner, and in the same way, we will maintain it.