Eliminate toxic people from your life: Therapeutic…

Whether in our personal or professional lives, we are often called to communicate, collaborate, or even live with people who do not fit our specifications in our way of functionality and expression.
We remain and endure these toxic situations, creating mental decay and denialism, which comes out in many areas of our lives. Our difficulty setting clear boundaries, saying ‘no’ to specific demands, and expressing our own needs and desires, makes the tentacles of the other spread by flooding our lives with consequences that we could not have calculated when this relationship began.
Like an avalanche, then, one negative situation brings the other, and the next, to the point of completely losing control, and what at first seemed difficult, for example, to restrict, now seems impossible.
And yet, even then, we can, we have the power to stand on both our feet with determination and claim what we deserve, what we desire and deserve, to get out of toxic situations and drive toxic people out of our lives. And then comes liberation, leaving a significant burden that limited us for a long time and brought intense negativity to our lives and our relationship with other people. Without this burden, we are ready and with clarity to focus on our lives’ critical and positive parts that will contribute to our evolution.
So let us not let another day pass in the toxicity; let us get rid of what is wearing us down and making us focus on the problem and not on the solution.