I’m going to change… But when?

We often observe either around us or in ourselves a great difficulty of making changes in our lives, not necessarily large (e.g. home, work, etc.) but even small, everyday (habits, behaviors, ways of reacting).
We may be tired of our current situation, feeling at a dead end, knowing exactly what and how to do or diversify, having many incentives that give us the necessary impetus and strength, and, of course, being aware of the benefits that will come into our lives with these changes. However, something prevents us; something makes us stay with our feet stuck on the ground, not even able to unsolder to take the first and primary step towards change.
In most cases, we have connected change within us with something unpleasant, perhaps pain or even mourning for the present situation’s loss. In other words, we believe that if we change, we will be in a lot of pain, perhaps more than if we remain in the situation we are in. As a result, there is an oscillation within us. On the one hand, we want to change because it may be better, and on the other, we fear change because it may make it difficult for us. That’s why we choose to stick to what we’re used to, what’s convenient for us, even if we suffer in it, but at least it’s familiar to us.
Thus, we see something severe, dramatic happening, from the events that shake a person’s life (some unexpected illness, loss, etc.), where he has no choice but to change, to finally do this something different that he postponed for so long.
Rather than we do not go so far as to wait for something so tragic to happen that will force us to change, it is up to us to reverse the situation. We can do that by linking the desired situation with abundant pleasure and satisfaction, optimism, anticipation, and joy, leaving behind fear and dare the change that deep down we know how much it will benefit us and help us change our lives.
Please don’t delay any longer; start today, now, make a plan with every step you want to take and a time frame to implement it, connect all the pleasant feelings that excite you with the desired situation, get into the action and watch your life change!