I want you to see me, not just look at me.

And the days, the months, the years pass, and the person you fell in love with is still there. But do you see him or just pass him? Why does love go away, and the routine comes?
We get lost every day in our jobs, in our thoughts, in people around us. We are gradually losing our spontaneity and enthusiasm, and our partner is taking it for granted. No matter what we do, how we talk, how we behave, we think he’ll always be there. We know each other very well and transform the formality and indifference into a way of life.

Hugs, kisses, conversations, caresses have been automated, “executed” without thought and emotion, since they are given, “must” be done.

But how are we going to live, to move forward, to keep a relationship for a lifetime? How do couples get married and stay together forever? How does the spark stay on without becoming two strangers living under the same roof?

Start over… Think of your first moments with this person. Look at him with new eyes, touch him with new hands, kiss him with new lips. And something can happen, something magical. You see this man differently, this exceptional and unique man who stands by you, looks at you, loves you. But something has changed… You… You and the way you see him. Because you see him, you don’t just look at him.

Let him be with our man every time for the first time. And not just with our partner, but with every human being. Laugh differently, cry together, wink, open your heart, embrace with all your might, dance together, admire its incredible beauty and richness. Let’s not let the moments go by and get lost. Let’s make them our own; let’s make them unique. Love is magical; Look at your man, don’t just look at him…