The transformative power of the pregnant woman

For the baby she carries in her womb, the mother is his window into the world. What the pregnant woman sees, affects her body and her unborn child. Her visual experiences cause chemical responses throughout the body, which can make her or spoil her mood.
As much as possible, especially during her pregnancy, the expectant mother should limit exposure to visual stimuli that cause her upset or fear, such as horror or violent films, news, or TV shows that cause anxiety and worry. She should seek visual experiences that please her. It is good to remain conscious of the images she sees during the day, discovering how they affect her.

The Ancient Greeks decorated their homes with beautiful statues for pregnant women to admire and give birth to beautiful and brave children.

Let her admire the beautiful colors of the iris in nature, as the beauty of each color will give the child his virtue:

· Red symbolizes vitality, dynamism, boldness.
· Orange: the purity of the blood, the purity of the soul.
· Yellow: the wit, and the gold of the sun, the wisdom.
· Green: hope, optimism, abundance, generosity.
· Blue: the serenity, the musicality, the harmony
· Cyan: justice, truth, stability, honesty.
· Violet: the high spirituality, the spirit of sacrifice.

Let the pregnant woman prefer to wear clothes with vivid colors, healing herself and those around her from negative emotions and disharmony, and creating a happy and harmonious environment. Wearing black, we scatter around us and within us feelings of melancholy, boredom, and destructiveness.

Thus, the pregnant woman has the power to influence absolutely her unborn baby both through the images she sees and with the idea she forms for her baby with the help of her imagination, especially when this image is full of love and positive feelings.

If the pregnant woman orients her thoughts and feelings to the graces and qualities, to human virtues, she creates a man not only nice but also virtuous and with mental gifts.

So let the expectant mother be aware of the visual stimuli with which she comes into contact. Let her always seek images and visual experiences that make her feel and create peace and harmony. Let her come into daily contact with nature, admiring her beauty and vastness, the wisdom with which it is all made, and let her child envision in the light and this wisdom.


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