The mental mood and thoughts of the pregnant woman “shape” her baby

The fetus that grows in the womb perceives, feels, and experiences all its mother’s feelings, thoughts, and experiences through its cells. The fetus has memory and memorizes, “recording” in its cells, its mother’s ideas, the messages she sends it, her attitude and philosophy towards life, her mentality, ideals, values, and goals. For example, young people may be confused about gender identity if their mother wanted a child of the opposite sex.
In other words, one or both parents’ negative attitudes during pregnancy can cause severe trauma to the baby and hinder his or her smooth physical and mental development. In addition to the physical “imperfections” and weaknesses he may create, he may reduce his desire for life and communication with the world he intends to live.

On the other hand, positive emotions, such as joy, admiration, serenity, and optimism, which are also “recorded” in the fetus’s cells, can contribute decisively to its healthy, smooth and optimistic physical, emotional and mental development.
Therefore, we realize that the fetus is a living creature with intelligence, consciousness, and emotions. The first experiences the fetus experiences through his mother are critical. Suppose the experience he has received is unpleasant. In that case, if he has not accepted the love of his parents, he forms the idea that life is unpleasant, that his parents, people do not love it and that the people he will live with are not particularly favorable to it. On the contrary, if he has accepted this love and positive experiences, he forms a social, lovable, and optimistic personality.

Throughout pregnancy, it would be good for the expectant mother to prefer to socialize with people with whom she has good relationships of mutual respect and appreciation, relationships of love, and people who inspire her and have a moral quality. The pregnant mother can discover in every person his bright side, his virtues, and gifts and overlook any weaknesses or defects.

Future parents should realize the miraculous process done in a woman’s womb, which, from a primary cell, forms millions of differentiated cells that are intertwined in organs and tissues, into a wonderful, complete, complete human being. Let them experience happiness, respect, admiration, immense gratitude for this wonderful gift. Parents can turn pregnancy into the most beautiful, optimistic, and festive period of their lives, experiencing love and harmony in all their glory, giving their child the most precious gifts.


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