Imagine a pot full of cold water, in which a frog swims casually. Under the pot, a little heat lights up, and the water starts to heat very slowly.

Slowly the water becomes lukewarm, and the frog, found pleasant, continues to swim happily.
The water temperature keeps rising. Now the water is warmer, and the frog no longer finds it pleasant; it feels atony but still does not feel fear.

The water gets warmer, and the frog starts to feel uncomfortable, but it is exhausted, so it endures it without reacting.

In the end, the temperature rises further, until the frog ends up boiling and therefore dying.

If they threw the same frog in boiling water, it would jump right out of the pot. Similarly, when a change takes place slowly, we do not realize it; it causes no reaction, no resistance, no revolution.

If we observe what has been happening in our society in recent years, we will realize that we are experiencing a gradual disappearance of universal values and ideals. However, we do not understand it because it is done slowly and slowly, in such a way that we are used to it. A few years ago, things would have taken us to the streets, such as arbitrariness against our freedom, dignity, and nature, which are done in the name of profit with the “collaboration” of all, now leave us completely indifferent. That’s because we have lost the ability and the will to defend ourselves.


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