Social Media and Video games: The new “out-of-school” activity of teenagers

Social media and technology have now completely penetrated our lives, and most people have at least one account in one of these media.
We can observe that as the years go by, more and more young age children gain access or even familiarity on social media with their parents’ help. For today’s teenagers, social media has become their new friend, their outlets, the primary activity of raise interest throughout their free time, and beyond.
It is characteristic of our time that a large number of current teen prefers instead to try a variety of activities outside school (painting, basketball, music, dancing, tennis, foreign languages, swimming, etc.), to spend time on Facebook / Instagram, play the play station, the Wii or computer. Even when adolescent groups spend time together, they end up taking photos to post on social media and chat through social networking applications on their mobile.

The solitary game has taken the place of team play • passive entertainment in front of various screens, where the “player” monitors or participates pressing buttons has taken the place of active fun, where the “player” interacts with the other players chatting, laughing with strong body movements and facial expressions. The critical human contact and communication have been replaced by online interaction and display, wherein the impressing and vanity sake many times.

Whether the activity’s shift of current new in this kind of entertainment and employment through social media is beneficial or harmful will be seen over time. Every parent should think critically and selectively about what would be best for their child, even if there are conflicts and objections with the “spirit of the times”.