Harnessing the summer’s inventories for a constructive year

Summer comes to an end; its slow, restful rhythms gradually begin to be replaced by a more intense mobilization and activation while the mood for creation returns dynamically.
It doesn’t matter if we took a vacation for three months, a week, or two days. It doesn’t matter where everyone spent this time, on the beach, on the mountain, or in the city; in the summer, the sun, the evening coolness, the air, the happier mood of people raise our morale and renew our strengths.
Summer offers us an excellent opportunity to think, discharge from the daily intensive rhythms of life, reconstruct our forces, adapt or adopt new goals, and plan the relevant actions for their implementation while the mood for exploration and innovation is high; we could characterize summer as a period of “regeneration” in the middle of the year, which helps us to review our progress so far, correct or modify the steps we have taken so far.
What powers did you equip with this summer? What will you use, and what will you keep as inventories for the rest of the year? What goals do you want to achieve as autumn comes?