Staying in the flow

Many roads are presented in front of us in our lives; some are inappropriate for us, some are ideal, and we could try others to have new experiences and valuable lessons.
What usually happens is that it seems to us to be an ideal way, but ultimately it turns out that it was not the right one for us after all, having wasted valuable energy, mood, and time. We insist, we “hit,” we find a “wall,” and the obstacles we encounter, there are so many that prevent us from continuing our course on this road. Life itself, in other words, shows us that this is not the way to bring us closer to abundance and happiness. Nevertheless, we can explore many different aspects of ourselves in these unpleasant situations by taking useful lessons and feedback.
If we watch the water flowing into the river, we will notice that whenever it finds a stone, a log, or anything that hinders its course, it will find a way to maneuver, changing to a small or large extent the “road” that follows. It will pass over the stones; it will roll down the logs and avoid the big obstacles “turning” right or left. Water does not “insist” by hitting again and again on the same stone but remains in its flow, differentiating each time the path, the one that is most functional and offers it the greatest normality and harmony in its way. Whichever course he chooses, he’ll run into obstacles. It makes flexible movements in the smallest and most accessible and in the more extensive and inaccessible that prevent it from reaching its destination, it differentiates its course.

Like water in the river, we could also function in our lives; or be flexible and not to “stick” to inaccessible obstacles, but like water dynamics to create new roads, new routes, and learn from the challenges that appear in front of us. At this time, we may not be able to face an obstacle, a difficult situation, but with patience, self-awareness and perseverance combined with the appropriate personal skills and skills to be able to overcome it and move forward.

That is why it is essential not to look at the tree by losing the forest, to say, to stick to the one problem that presents itself to us and forget our general objective. Let’s stay in the flow, and that will show us the way.