The gap of abundance

People tend to cling to what exists in their lives; objects, people, relationships, jobs, situations, opinions, beliefs. Even if they no longer the satisfaction they gave us, they no longer make us happy. We’re afraid to put them behind us; we’re so scared our peace, our safety will be disturbed.
What will happen if we throw away the old, the ordinary, the ones that no longer have any use in our lives?

The new one will come, the different one, since no gap can be left uncovered. The gaps are to be filled. When a gap is created, all forces are enlisted to fill it with something new and usually better than the previous one.

But when we accumulate for a long time the old and usually useless things, material or intangible, our energy is blocked. It’s there, in our cluttered, messy drawers, stuffed cupboards, our overloaded thoughts. It’s like the blood’s stuck in various places in our arteries. They do not serve in anything, and at the same time, there is no gap to fill, even if we seek it and desire some change. Let’s leave what’s not necessary to us anymore. We have to leave something behind in order for something better to come.

Fear, fear of change, fear of the new, fear of the unknown brings misery and hinders abundance, prosperity.

Abundance is everywhere, as long as we let it enter our life, our daily life. Create gaps, gaps of abundance; leave the old behind, welcome the new…