Take a distance, give time

How many times have we felt drowned out by our daily life, which is so full and at the same time so empty? We live, and we don’t live at the same time. We experience it all so quickly that we don’t have time to enjoy it. We run for the big ones, and we lose the little, everyday, simple things that, however, “taste” our lives.
In such hard times, we are often called upon to make decisions, important or less important, defining various aspects of our lives, relationships, work, health, and by extension, our mental health and happiness.
Even for a while, even seemingly, moving away from this everyday life will give us time to see what is happening more globally. Distance offers us the opportunity to look inside, realize what is really happening, how we experience it, how we feel, what gives us inner satisfaction, and what wears us down.

Do we wake up happy and excited for the new day that dawns and we’re going to live? Do our activities and work offer us satisfaction or take us away from the purpose of our lives? Do we spend most of our time grumbling about problems or grateful for the beautiful moments and what surrounds us?

A short distance will help us make decisions that will improve our lives either by keeping it as it is or making a 180th turn and changing vital parts of it. Time reveals the evolution of these decisions, whether, in the end, they worked constructively or negatively.

The pressure-filled and time-limited daily life does not offer us this gift; the gift of time and distance costs nothing but can offer us so much. As long as we accept giving it to ourselves from time to time, this will work therapeutically.

So, take a distance, give time…