Where’s our star? Where and why did we lose our glow? Where should we look for her?

Being influenced by external and temporary factors, we spend a lot of time every day to adopt and accumulate “appropriate behaviors”, (interaction with “strong” people, obsolescence of moral principles and values) and material goods, always living under the illusion that in this way we will express and fully develop our potential.

But the glow that all these stimuli offer is temporary and superficial, it evaporates very quickly, and this is because it is not real, it has no basis, it does not come from us, from within us. “Self-enlightened” people don’t need fancy additions to reveal the true beauty, the dynamics, the star that exists within them.

Let’s try this new year to shine our star… And don’t be shooting stars… Let us believe in who we are, in our authentic, remarkable, and lovable selves. Only when we believe in ourselves will others believe in us.

Let’s be the shining example; let’s be the inspiration to others. We don’t need artificial lights and ornaments to shine. As long as we find the spark inside us, we’re bright, strengthening it and keeping it alive. Let’s throw away the fakes and keep the real things inside of us, and they’ll shine a light on us and those around us.