The third person in a marriage: Destruction or salvation?

Often, we hear that in a marriage, either one spouse or both resort to creating new acquaintances, communicating with other people, or even entering into another love affair. What pushes people in search of new interests outside of their marriage, and what effect can this have on the partner relationship?
The routine of everyday life, the saturation in the existing relationship, the indifferent attitude, the lack of evolution of the companionship, the excitement of curiosity about the new can lead to the search for flirting, playing, alternative relationship and perhaps erotic happiness in “foreign fields.”

In our society, we have decided in advance that the torsion of love interest in a third person is disastrous for marriage. Thoughts and feelings focus elsewhere, something that wears off and may bring the wedding to an end. It happens that relationships that are meant to last forever have an expiration date. As devastating as this event may seem when it happens, its positive aspects of everyone’s life are revealed in the long run.

On the other hand, there are many cases in which the third person acts as a redeemer for the couple’s relationship. The fact that the partner is no longer taken for granted may inflame the initial interest that existed when they met after a mutual claim fight. There is also the possibility that the partner will never know about the existence of the third person. Still, this simultaneous interest on the other partner’s part will make him return by reassessing what the couple’s relationship offers him.

Of course, each case is unique and how the marriage will eventually evolve depends on different factors. Either way, the existence of a third person could be seen as a gift for the couple’s relationship: either it will separate it by showing new paths that it’s time to follow, or it will strengthen it by reviving feelings, the old interest and building new foundations that will determine the subsequent course of the relationship.