After #stayathome – How will we manage the next day?

After the sudden change of our lives, the cessation of everyday life as we knew it, and the need to “stay home,” we gradually return to our “normal” rhythms.

Many of us have experienced the bans as a ‘prison,’ and others have seen it as an opportunity to use this time to deal with everything we have neglected in previous years. Most, others less and others more, have adapted to this change. And now, as developments are positive, the measures are easing, and we are being called upon to adapt again. Should we go back to pre-quarantine rhythms or discover new rhythms to live?

Acceptance is the key to our smoother adaptation: to accept our resistance to change, our feelings, our needs, our desires, and, above all, accept the situation as it is – at least for those that do not go through our control.

The thought that the change we have experienced is collective can be comforting; all of us face challenges in our professional lives; we will need to keep physical “distances” for some time to be safe and healthy. All of us will be hesitant and numb at the beginning of the end of quarantine; all of us will sooner or later adapt and be well.

The most important thing is to record everything we learned during quarantine for ourselves and our people and make sure that we keep as much of it as possible after returning to our usual rhythms. We can seek to devote a few minutes each day to listen to our children, cook a meal with love and devotion, enjoy a hot chocolate, call once a week a person we love very much, read a book that will make us “travel,” smell and care for the flowers in our pots, stop from time to time look at the sky taking a deep breath, look out the window as if looking at this view for the first time, reflect with gratitude on everything that exists in our lives, close our eyes and enjoy our favorite piece of music, do exercises of conscious breathing to relax, feel the warmth of the sun in our body… Let us make sure that we are truly and substantially present in our lives without getting carried away by the speed of everyday life…

I think that’s worth keeping as a lesson from this period, which is why I’m talking about changing the rhythms of life and not going back to the previous situation…