Stop waiting for tomorrow!

We all observe that we are always on the lookout, spend every day waiting for something to happen, waiting for the weekend when we don’t work, the summer to rest, and fulfilling all our dreams to experience happiness.
And after many months, maybe years, we come to realize that all this time we lived in a process, to pass the days. Even when the desirable situation came, we did not live it as we expected and waited again from the beginning.
But we forget one truth: every day is a miniature of our lives. The way we live our hours shapes our years. The way we live our days shapes our lives. What we do today essentially creates our future. Over time, every choice we make, big or small, matters as it leads us on the paths of life. No day is not important.
What we say, think, and do determine what in a few years will be the past, our whole life. When our life will be ending, will we be proud and fulfilled of what we have experienced or regret and hope to have more time ahead of us to correct situations, function differently, and live another life?
Which activities are included in each of our days? Do we do what our heart tells us, or do we expect something, someday, somewhere, somehow…? Our whole life is determined by our every moment, our every day.
So, stop waiting, stop hoping for a better tomorrow and live it now, live it today, which is here, and you have all the choices in front of you. Put color and love in everything you do, smile more, follow your instinct, try a different path, dare to be different from the established ones. None of us knows about tomorrow, but you can make today as you wish!