Fear of death or longing for life?

Death: such a terrifying word and with so many different interpretations for each of us individually. There are not a few people who are afraid of its coming, they are afraid of when it will come, and if they have been able to do enough of what they want, they are worried perhaps of what will happen “after.” There are not a few people who sleep and wake up with this idea, with this fear.
But what lies behind this intense fear of death? What messages could it communicate to us?
We could use this fear to be more active, or else, more “alive” throughout the day, every day. It is no coincidence, after all, that intense longing for life, for action, for adventure characterizes people who fear death. Any thought, therefore, that reminds us of this fear, we could see it as a reminder to deal with things that revive the feeling of vitality within us, an opportunity to get out of the routine or take a little more care of ourselves by taking care of his needs.
Death is an entirely unpredictable event and in which we cannot exercise any control and no influence; he’ll come at some point whether we wait for him or not, whether we’re afraid of him or not. The constant anguish over his coming takes us away from the enjoyment of the life we are living right now. So let us focus on the now, the day when we can “control” to the extent that it passes through us and decide what we want to change to make this “now” more beautiful.